Nigeria – HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days
24-27 September | 2019
Lagos / Nigeria
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Nigeria – HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) is organizing the “HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days” in Nigeria city of Lagos on 24-27 September 2019. The organization will involve B2B meetings and training seminars. The second step of the “HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days” series, which is a Project of the Turkish Promotion Group, will utilize various promotional tools including training seminars, B2B meetings, product exhibits and a gala dinner. As part of ISIB’s roadmap targeting expanding the export market and enter into distant markets, Nigeria will be the third stop in the African market in 2019.

“HVAC&R Sector Promotion Days” do not only has comprise of trade deals, but also has training activities. Turkish firms attending the program not only to promote their own products and services, but also provide training seminars for various products and their use.